Our Vendors

Hopeland Distributor Africa
Hopeland Technologies CO., Ltd. is a worldwide high-tech enterprise founded in 2009.

They are focused on IOT technologies and specialise in developing and manufacturing Smart Temperature devices, UHF RFID readers, handheld mobile terminals, NFC devices, FID modules, UHF antennas, and special type RFID tags.

The products have been deployed in many industries & applications including assets tracking, warehouse management, intelligent traffic management, vehicle tracking, production line management and intelligent weight measurement etc.


Maxxess Systems Distributor Africa

Maxxess is a U.S.-based, privately held, global corporation specializing in security management solutions and innovative technologies that are effectively transforming the way businesses approach and implement security.

Leading organizations worldwide, from healthcare to hospitality and transportation to telecommunications, choose Maxxess for our expertise in access control and database integration, plus our ongoing commitment to further advancing open architecture security management software, development of leading-edge new technologies, unmatched customer care and service, and fair, transparent pricing structures.


Sonaray LED Lighting Distributor Africa

Sonaray™ LED lighting (manufactured by DASCOM) leads the way to a greener and cleaner tomorrow with exceptional lighting for the industrial and commercial marketplace. The SONARAY™ mission is to create and contribute to a more intelligent and sustainable planet and better human condition by offering innovative LED lighting solutions. SONARAY™ is developed using the best materials, including chip sets produced by Citizen©, this means the products contain the most superior elements for brightness and clarity in the market. The specialised expertise from world-class engineers, who have years of experience in industrial and commercial lighting design and development, has brought an unrivalled range of product to the market.


Synergy SD Distributor Africa

Synergy deliver mobile management solutions for security systems. Their software offers guard tour systems, asset tracking, visitor management (including car park management) and time and attendance systems. The additional data intelligence modules allows front-end reporting of events as well as statistical analysis of behaviour and flows of people, traffic and assets. The Synergy products include hand held Android devices which communicate operational status and instructions to users/operators. These solutions can be integrated into full enterprise systems or operate stand-alone. Applications run from major global customers with multi-site operations to single-site small business with individual security needs.


Wavestore Distributor Africa

Wavestore has been providing Video Management Software solutions across a host of industries for over fifteen years. From compact installations to fully integrated enterprise solutions with many thousands of cameras and other devices seamlessly connected, Wavestore video solutions have been successfully deployed in thousands of applications around the world.

Wavestore is a global leader in innovative digital video recording and data management solutions, and the number one British provider of video management software.

From standalone systems to large distributed server networks with tens of thousands of cameras, sensors and analytics options, Wavestore provides intelligent, integrated solutions for any application.

Our client list ranges from national governments to industrial corporations and global consumer brands. No wonder that our VMS is often recognised as the world’s most user-friendly yet highly scalable video management platform.