From basic door systems to fully integrated campus-wide access control, our Maxxess based control systems can provide you scalable solutions with integration of all aspects of a security system.

Starting from the basic install, our systems can:

  • Extend access control throughout campuses and single buildings in a cost-effective manner
  • Integrate with other security and non-security systems and
  • Improve security in open areas

Integrations can upgrade a current install of another manufacturer's product, or ground-upwards installation in a new site. A system with local control of doors can be installed, without network access, or complete central control systems of access control, fire, car parking and HR. All executed according to needs. Future-proofing through upgrades are a key part of the systems we offer.

Simplest integrations provide a virtual network that uses the ID credential to store the cardholder’s door access permissions and eliminate the need to add expensive wireless infrastructure or hard-wire the access control system to every door and reader. This can be upgraded to a full control system at any future stage.


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