When you need to validate the presence of staff, contractors, visitors and deliveries across your sites, for example, to check that the correct number of personnel are on site at any time of day, Site-Synergy delivers real-time reporting and traceability of precisely who is where and when across your construction site.

Managing visitors has never been easy and the documentation to maintain the records gets more complicated by the day. Keeping up with the ever advancing identification technology has generated the need to manage visitors more smartly and also maintain the highest level of security. Visitor Point gives you the edge to register and maintain visitor records smartly.

Visitor Point can read from national identity cards, passports, images and smart chips. A simple web interface for the registration process makes it very flexible to access visitor information from any workstation. With the ability of mobile verification with mobile devices, Visitor Point makes the entire registration a streamlined and hassle-free process for scheduled meetings. Visitor Point is synched to the upcoming meeting where visitor and security personnel have live updates and information.


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